Online Identity

Social media has always given me a strange feeling in my stomach. From wondering why an individual who is not my gramma cares what I ate for lunch, to not caring what others ate for lunch, to thinking “they should have wrote that in their diary instead”, to simply having no desire to press “Post”. When social media was first booming, all of my peers and family hopped on board. I thought there was something weird in me, something that made me not want to be apart of that world.

Thankfully, as we get older, we become more confident in our feelings and choices. I was beginning to feel that way about social media. I was rarely posting, only looking at other individuals lives on the feeds. Around two years ago, I deleted all of my social media accounts. It was a thought I had been having for quite some time, but I was always weary of feeling left out. I started wondering why I cared about these individuals that I hadn’t seen in years, or simply people I did not care to take up space in my head. The answer was that I didn’t.

After deleting my social medias, there is not a lot left for my future students to find about me on the internet. A few childhood newspaper articles about school and sports, as well as my blog. For this class, I created a Twitter profile. I will only use it for professional tasks. When I have a classroom, that will be the Twitter account that I share with my school.

I do believe that I will have a classroom blog when I become a teacher. I think it is a great way to communicate with parents and post their children learnings. Between the blog and twitter, I think I will have my social media platforms cased.

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