Thoughts on Twitter

I enjoy using Twitter as a professional networking tool. Is is efficient and user friendly – two important positives. I am not a social media lover, although Twitter is growing on me as a future teacher. I have not downloaded the app, instead I have grown to appreciate the dashboard view. The layout is easy to follow.

I found twitter to be efficient – no non sense. I throughly enjoy the home page feature showing tweets in chronological order, as apposed to Facebook’s method of picking which posts to show you. That is my favourite feature. 

During our class, the Sask Ed Chat was a wonderful experience. Tweetdeck was also user friendly. Twitter is a great way to learn from other educators. After the chat, I felt oddly connected to the users that we were communicating with. I can understand the fascination with social media after that feeling. I hope to keep social medias, such as Twitter, for professional networking when I am in the field and have a classroom.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Twitter

  1. I agree that the computer view is very user friendly and easy to share articles and resources from. I also plan on keeping my twitter account for professional encounters only, which is a nice contrast to my other social media apps.


  2. Brittnee,
    I think it’s interesting that you chose not to download the app and I can definitely see some benefits to that. We always have our phones with us but we are not constantly on the computer so it is nice to have that separation from social media even when it is for professional purposes. I also really enjoyed TweetDeck! I had never even heard of it before, had you?
    Thanks for sharing,


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