Technological Reality

Every child has a cell phone in their hand, a tablet in their bedroom, or a device close by. Over the past 20 years, technology has vastly changed and is impacting children greatly. As teachers, our job is to educate students in order to succeed in life. Technology is a new way of life, a new world.

Teaching students to practice internet safety is a skill that is essential for learners. An aspect that I believe students should be taught is manners while using devices. As Sherry Turkle suggests in her TED talk, parents are sitting on their devices while their children are begging for attention. I have seen this numerous times, each time equally as heartbreaking. As a teacher, I hope this is one aspect that I can influence children on. Turkle’s TED Talk was in 2012, eight years ago. Turkle’s points and ideas are still valid today, we have not learned. Individuals are still “together, but not together”.

If we do not change this positive idea of devices instead of real life, I cannot imagine where we will be in another eight years.

Author: brittneeannedunlop

University of Regina - Middle Years Education Moose Jaw, SK

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