Teaching an Online Mini-Lesson

During our EDTC 400 class, I was able to teach a mini-lesson. In the time leading up to this class, I was throughly excited. I love teaching (Ha-Ha) and spiking passion in others. I am passionate about this topic. I found it easy to show my passion and excitement through Zoom.

The topic I chose to explore was digital citizenship. I wanted my students to leave the lesson with the tools to critically think about their online posts and choices. The purpose of this lesson was for students to discover if their online presence represented the human that they are in real life. I thought this piece went over well throughout the lesson. Students were able to distinctly choose their self descriptive words and apply them to their mock social media posts. I enjoyed the openness that the students shared in doing this.

The toughest part I found was finding a resources to get students engaged in the activity. In a classroom setting, teachers have a toolbox of working and student-loving activities that are easy to access. With online learning, you have to stretch outside your everyday classroom toolbox. Luckily, there are plenty of wonderful online resources that are just waiting to be discovered!

All in all, I enjoyed teaching this lesson. I always appreciate opportunities to practice my teaching skills. Having my first teaching lesson with a friendly audience was a great experience.

EDTC 400: Mini-Lesson Plan


Author: brittneeannedunlop

University of Regina - Middle Years Education Moose Jaw, SK

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